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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 11, 2017 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. a couple cars burned in driveways, a string of suspicious fires this week. thank you for joining us. >> first, martinez, then walnut creek, lafayette, and now in brentwood. today, a fire jumped to someone's house. amy hollyfield is live. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. yes, this reached the garage. check it out behind me. inside, a family of four was asleep. firefighters were nearby. that's because they were at another car fire a mile away. this was the first car fire to
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light up the early morning in brentwood. chris white took this video realizing there was nothing he could do to stop the huge fire. the people who live here are out of town. >> right in front of the house. i mean, i park in front of my house and my daughter's window is above the vehicle. that's scary. >> reporter: this fire started at 3:27 this morning on highland way. firefighters kept it from spreading to the house, but eight minutes later, they got a call that another car was on fire, just a mile away on hollowbrook court. >> our neighbor noticed the truck was on fire, came over to the house, rang the doorbell until we bitted, everybody got out safely. >> reporter: john is angry and frustrated this happened. >> our family lives were at risk because somebody decided to set that vehicle on fire. >> reporter: he was afraid this could happen. he heard about the three other car fires this week in martinez,
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walnut creek, and lafayette, but we leaved he, his wife, and 6-year-old twins got out okay. >> haven't stopped talking about it. she wants to know why the truck burned. i don't have an answer for her. >> reporter: firefighters tell me it is a concern when more than one fire happens so closely to the other. all of these fires are under investigati investigation. no arrests made. amy holly field, abc 7 news. >> thank you. this was the first car fire to light up the night in brentwood. next door neighbors, to the next story in oakland, police looking for a shooter leaving a man wounded. again, this was a wounding overnight. the victim was in a car when he was struck and taken to highland hospital and in critical, but
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stable condition. the police have not revealed a motive. a man with dementia is home safe following an all night search. 71-year-old robert ridge walked into his house at 5:30 this morning after hitch hicking from downtown san rafael. 21 members of the search and rescue team and k-9 unit looked for rich. he disappeared shopping with his wife. she went into the mall, and he drove off, leaving a message he was at city hall. the couple's suv was found later with the keys in it. rich was nowhere to be found. we don't know who helped rich get home, but he appears to be okay. the public is getting a look at video showing a deadly shooting involving san francisco police officers at a subway sandwich shop. police showed the video yesterday for the first time in a town hall meeting. they say nicholas walked behind te counter and stabbed an employee last week. san francisco officer kenneth cha shot and killed the man.
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he's the same officer who shot and wounded a man in january. he's on paid leave which is standard in these cases. police say he attacked the subway employee after the employee refeesed to give him free food. to view the full video, look for theling on our website at police get attention worldwide after facebook went viral. the department offers anyone who brings in their meth free testing for gluten. we are live. matt, is this meant to be a conversation starter or trap for drug users? >> reporter: this post was meant to bring smiles and laughter to the community, but what it did was bring a lot of attention to this police department of a city of about 45,000 people. a facebook post from a police department rarely gets much attention. take a close look at this one from the newark police department saying, is your meth laced with deadly gluten?
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not sure? bring your meth down to the pt, and we'll test it for free. >> so, i happened to be watching gluten free commercial, whatever, and then thought to myself, hey, wouldn't it be funny if drugs had gluten in it? >> reporter: the facebook post viral around the world, 200,000 shares, 31,000 reaction, and close to 9,000 comments in just a week. not everyone thought it was funny. >> i somehowed it to my wife, she thought it was lame. >> reporter: people were not sure what to make of the is fr department's facebook page. >> okay. that's interesting. >> reporter: these people were seeing this for the first time. >> and this is a real post? >> reporter: it's a real post. >> it's puzzling. >> reporter: no one will bring in their meth? >> no, no, they don't care about gluten. >> reporter: the lieutenant says no one has come in yet to test meth for gluten, you the offer
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is still on the table. >> yeah. any time you have any illegal drugs and you want to come in, we'll look at it for you and test whatever you need. our pd is open 24 hours a day for you. >> reporter: the police department says the reactions to the facebook post are still rolling in, hearing from people as far away as japan, australia, and england. reporting live in newark, abc 7 news. >> that, matt, is a first. a prayer service held today for a cal rugby player who was parolized in the championship game while colliding with another player before the match began saturday. doctors performed an emergency surgery, but he's parolized from the waist down. the prayer service is tonight at 8:00. the community is coming together to help so they can cover some of the medical costs. we are monitoring the go fund me page that raised 355,000. the goal is a million.
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if you want to help out, there's a link on our website, a doik >> the soccer club mourns the loss of a teammate they called a rising star. he died monday from an infection received in a cliff diving accident weeks ago. he was jumping off cliffs when his friends say he got caught up by a rip current. >> another gentleman, local guy, lawyer, jumped in, jumped down the bubble trail, stripped into his underaway, jumped down the trail, pulled him from the bottom, put him on the surf board, and got him to the beach. >> reporter: the coach said he was talented and fantastic. the san jose earthquakes offer condolences. lopez spent a year on the team's youth academy. there's a go fund me page to raise money for his family. they raised more than $12,000. there's a link for this go fund me page on our website. new developments today in
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the fallout over president trump's firing of fbi director james comey. abc is at the capitol with the latest. >> reporter: testifying in front of congress today, andrew mccave, acting director of the fbi. he's occupying the seat that earlier this week was supposed to belong to james comey. >> has the dismiss sal impeded work at the federal bureau of investigations? >> no effort to impede our investigation to date. simply put, sir, you cannot stop men and women of the fbi from doing the right thing, protecting the american people, and upholding the constitution. >> reporter: new details about how the comey firing came about prompt more questions. initially, the white house said that deputy attorney general's memo to the president was the reason for the firing and the president did not direct him to
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write it. >> the white house had no involvement in the decision in the decision to write the letter to the deputy of the attorney general. >> correct. >> turns out, it was the president, himself, who wanted to fire comey asking jeff sessions to write those memos. sources tell abc news, he was upset with the white house for penning the firing on him he was on the verge of resigning. today, the white house tried to explain that seeming contradiction. >> he did not direct them to write the context of the memo. the attorney general and others felt like director comey was not the person that should be running the fbi at this point. >> reporter: and for james comey, how it came about makes little difference to the outcome explaining to the letter writing, i'm not going to spend time on the decision or way it was executed. i hope you won't either. it is done. >> reporter: acting director was asked if hfs true that the ranking files lost confidence in james comey as fbi director.
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he called that assertion not accurate. reporting from the capitol, abc news. more protests planned in the bay area today in reaction to comey's firing. abc 7 news was in san francisco yesterday as the crowd gathered at senator diane feinstein's office. they demanded the democrat push for an independent investigator to look into possible connections between russia and president trump's team. protesters are calling for people to gather in oakland tonight. president trump expected to sign an executive order to launch a panel to investigate voter fraud. multiple sources tell abc news that vice president pence is the chair of the presidential commission on election integrity. republicans and democrats would be studying as a rule nerlts in the u.s. voting system. the president expected to sign that order later today. the federal government is set to expand a ban on laptops and on flights from europe to the u.s. a ban on large electronic deviolences is already in place on planes headed to the u.s. from ten airports in the middle
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east and north africa. homeland security officials meet with airline leaders to discuss the ban's expansion. the original move was in response to worries terrorists would build bombs into laptops. airport security goes through your luggage even with a lock on it. what about your phone? a bay area artist and professors says customs and border agents pulled him aside and insisted on searching his phone. aaron gosh returned home from an art exhibition in belgium and asked the professor about art that's about oppressive government. he repeatedly asked what for? >> i'm a strong believer in the constitution. i value my fourth amendment right to privacy. they told me that my constitutional right did not apply. >> the aclu filed a complaint saying the incident not only violated government policy, but it was unconstitutional. we reached out to border protection, and a spokes person said the agency cannot comment
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on pending litigation. starting next school year, parents in san francisco have to pay for after school programs. according to the examiner, the san francisco unified school district plans to charge tees after losing 3.3 million dollars in federal funding. officials say happies will be charged between $50 to $500 based on income when the school year starts in august. a shakeup for the boy scouts and why hundreds of thousands of teens have to quit the organization and what it has to do with the mormon church. another shark sighting on the southern california coast. growing concern over the great whites. and the sea breeze continues to bite our supposed to be warm temperatures this time of the year. let me show you the exploratory. looks nice. look at the temperatures, eight
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new video this morning of another shark sightsing in southern california off the coast of long beach. so far, at least 25 great whites have been spotted this week in long beach and off the waters of orange county. 15 came extremely close to the shore yesterday. they are attracted by food like sting rays and halibut. they have posted signs warning swimmers of the potential danger. >> new this morning, a big change for the boy scouts that could leave nearly 200,000 teenagers unable to take part.
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the mormon church announced this morning they are pulling teens from the organization. the church is the boy scout's largest sponsor. this will impact teens 14-18 years old starting next year. the church says it's taking steps to develop its own scouts program. if you love to cook? we want to hear from you where do you get gresh oceries? trader joe's? there's something to know. how does a car burst into flames in shocking videos and what the the manufacturers say could be your at risk, possibly,
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did you notice a few more bikes on the road today in. >> it is national bike to workdwor work day. abc 7 news was on market street where cyclers got drink, snacks, and goodies at the stations around town. hundreds of the popup tents are in the bay area to reward people who took bikes to work. caught up with a veteran cyclist who doesn't need treats to hop on a bike. >> i have to say that the traffic in my commute has just gotten worse and worse, and so as i bike by the cars silting there in the parking lot, it's very satisfying. great way to get exercise and to do my commute. >> and he says he commutes 18 miles each way on his bike to ucsf every day. >> why he looks fit and trim. >> he does. it's working for him. good for him. >> it is a good day, i imagine,
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most don't like it too hot? >> definitely not. >> they are happy today. >> i started yesterday. to bicycle to work. >> i didn't notice you sweating. i doubt that happened. >> yeah. it's a great day to be outside. it's chilly, absolutely. it all started with the marine layer this morning at 3500 feet. look at that sunrise underneath it. you see it cleared out just a little bit this morning. we have a lot more sun right now, but there's clouds on the way, meaning i'll keep sprinkles in the forecast and delays are continuing to average 54 minutes at sfo. partly sunny, you need the sunglasses. brighter, but windy and cooler tomorrow. plenty of sun for mother's day. i think the breezes are going to be sticking around. live doppler 7, a wedge of sun or sandwich of sun right there between this morning's marine layer clouds and cold front up to the north, which, right now, still bringing showers to places north of us as this area of low pressure continues to spin right
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there. it's in a bowl of cold air. that's why there's ripples in the clouds. colder air over warmer water. this stays over us for at least the next seven days. look what happens to downtown. 59 degrees. almost chilly. 56 in daly city. across the bay, only 66 today. same thing in hayward. maybe even union city. down to the south bay, 69, remains cool and dry. no chance of sprinkles here, and san jose and the neighbors. inland, break the use of the ac. i like these days, especially once i get that electric bill. at the pennsylvania la, san mateo at 66 degrees. a slight chance of drizzle this afternoon. and then for santa rosa in the north bay, our best chance of sprinkles are possible. 64 degrees there. take a look from emeryville, the
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lwer cloud deck lurking in, white caps on the bay. breezy today. north bay, noon, chance fades at 3:00, clouds fade as the sun sets at 8:00. look at the temperatures, already in the 50s. grab a coat then. same thing headed to the giants-reds game. 57 at 7:15, dropping down to 54 and breezy. sleep with the windows open tonight? cooler yet santa rosa to oakland. here's my accuweather zen-day forecast. remaining below average with 60s near 70 through mother's day. clouds increase monday, pushing storms into tuesday, and it's just a chance, not even worthy of a storm impact scale. have a good amp. >> thank you, mike. >> do you have a faif ri store? most do. this morning, a new study ranked top stores krooaccording to shoppers. >> publix and wegmans. trader joe's, that's no. 3. other big names like costco and
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whole foods are also in the top ten. >> what's your favorite? we have a twitter poll on the page, abc7news bay area. log your vote or tweet your favorite if it's not on the list. >> i used to shop at publix. not anything special. >> i guess all right is good enough. >> i guess so. >> champagne and pop sickles go hand in hand? >> do they? up next, a poptail.
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coming up at 4:00, bookstores fight back against the bill making it harder to buy books signed by authors. what it means for bay area readers. a city that's ahead for a fountain. unfails the newest piece of art. >> woah. >> interesting. tonight at 5:00. what's under the glak cloth with people scratching their heads. >> got my attention. summer is almost -- how does a poptail sound? it's a thing. >> it is. it is a cocktail and popcycle. they came up with these frosty tubes for adults only. 13 flavors including rum punch, mimosa. >> and a frozen mojito and
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coconut rose sangria. they cost $4 to $5 a piece. >> got to wait for the weather >> that's never going to happen. never going to happen, mike. >> you have to wait a long time. >> bye.
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>> you know, they say money can't buy happiness, but i've given away a lot of money on this show and those people, they all look pretty happy to me. so why stop now? let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] i am too! today's contestant has been on 20 horrible blind dates and with a million dollars is ready to write a book all about it. from las vegas, nevada, please welcome jolie lindley. [cheers and applause] jolie, how you doing? >> i'm great. thank you. >> 20 bad blind dates. >> at least. yeah. >> you know what they call that? episode one of "the bachelor." >> i'm sure. yes. you have a lot of experience with that. >> right.


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